NTL arm offers Web match clips

Premium TV, NTL’s sports rights and content arm, is following in the footsteps of US sports websites by offering searchable video highlights.

Using software from Virage, Premium TV plans to feed streamed clips of this season’s Nationwide Football League highlights to club websites within hours of full time.

The move is designed to capitalise on deals giving Premium TV online and interactive broadcast rights to the 72 teams in the Nationwide League, plus Premier League teams Aston Villa, Leicester and Middlesbrough. It has also struck a deal with Glasgow Rangers.

The service is expected to play a key role in proposed football club website subscription packages, bringing in much-needed revenues. In the next few weeks a yet to be named Premier League club site will launch the first subscription package in partnership with Premium TV, including video search technology giving access to a database of Premium TV’s video content.

In the US, sports websites including those for Major League Baseball (MLB.com) and the National Hockey League (NHL.com) already offer searchable video highlights.

Premium TV also plans to give its viewers access to Grandstand’s archives, including England’s 1966 World Cup win, through a channel with the working title Classic Sport, scheduled to go on air next spring.


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