NTL ups stakes in broadband war

NTL has been trialling a “turbo-powered” broadband service that allows multiple use and multi-tasking in homes and the delivery of high-definition television.

So far in the UK, BSkyB has been the only platform provider to have talked about offering customers a high-definition TV service.

NTL’s most powerful broadband service is three megabytes, but this latest technology, using ADSL2+, would give capacity for up to 18 megabytes. In effect it would allow one person to surf the internet while others play console games online and download music files. There will also be sufficient capacity for the delivery of high-definition content to TV sets through a set-top box.

NTL has yet to launch a customer service proposition based around this broadband capability.

BT has talked about delivering ADSL2+, but it is not known whether the company has conducted any trials. BSkyB is to launch its high-definition TV service next year providing high-quality images and sound. High definition TV is suitable for flat-plasma or LCD screens measuring more than 28 inches.

NTL unveiled the trial of ADSL2+ to analysts when talking about its year-end results for 2004, which show revenue up 5.7 per cent to &£2.07bn.


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