Nutri-Tech targets health and weight-loss market

Nutri-Tech, a Swedish food company, is launching a range of barley-based products aimed at the functional food and weight-loss market. The Aktiv Everyday brand will be launched in the UK later this month.

The range, which includes a chocolate energy bar and a meal-replacement drink, contains Aktivated Barley, which is manufactured from raw organic barley and boosts the energy level in the grain. The company claims that Aktivated Barley delivers more effective nutrition than barley kernels or grass as it has been stimulated by the process.

It can help weight loss as the sustained energy helps to keep blood sugar levels constant, which makes consumers feel full.

The barley also contains Omega 3 and 6 and is suitable for consumers following a low Glycemic Index diet.

Aktiv Everyday will be supported by strategic communications through agency The SPA Way. It will focus on the health credentials of the range.

Dan Barron, NutriTech UK manager, says: “Aktiv Everyday bars and drinks are a step forward in the battle against heart disease, as well as managing weight through sustained energy.”

The company believes that Aktivated Barley will join the growing number of foodstuffs considered to be superfoods.

The list already includes a range of foods, including blueberries, oranges and tomatoes, as well as turkey, spinach and salmon.

Interest has grown in the health benefits of such products as concerns about obesity levels have increased.


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