O2 studies e-learning market

O2 is preparing to move into the fast growing e-learning market as the telecoms brand continues to diversify into new areas.


The company could sell tablet computers, remote teaching tools or digital pens to tap into the trend of distance learning.

Publishers Pearson and Britannica have all been ramping up e-learning activity in the past year to target both pupils and mature students.

O2 will not, however, use student e-learning portal O2 Learn to launch any products or services. Gav Thompson, head of brand innovation at O2, says it would be “cynical” to use the division as a “Trojan Horse” to target teachers.

He adds: “E-learning is a growth industry. In the position we are in the marketplace, at the right point in time of course we will be going into that industry, but there is not a direct link between O2 Learn and selling e-learning products.”

Look out for a feature on the growth of e-learning in this week’s (17 November) Digital Strategy, Marketing Week’s regular guide to digital marketing developments.


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