OAA acts to reform ad verification

The Outdoor Advertising Association (OAA), is planning to introduce a system that will mean member poster companies will have to abide by the same technique to prove that ads are up on sites.

The system will mark the first time rival poster companies have collaborated on the methodology used to verify ad posting.

At present, each poster company uses different means to prove to advertisers and their agencies that ads are posted on time and are in the correct area.

A new system to display verification data in the same way is already on trial with outdoor advertising specialist Posterscope.

Until now, outdoor companies displayed their findings in several ways, creating confusion among specialists. The new system will now be rolled out to other specialists in the next few weeks.

OAA Council non-executive chairman David Pugh says: “No one is really debating or doubting that posters are not going up on time, we see this as an opportunity to make posters more accountable.”

The move is one of several initiatives being looked at by the OAA. It recently announced it was to become more aggressive in its marketing tactics in a bid to increase its share of advertising expenditure. It has also appointed former CDP Media managing director Alan James as chief executive and former Score sales director Bill Wilson as operations director.

The OAA’s members are Clear Channel, Maiden Outdoor, Viacom, JC Decaux, Primesight and Score.


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