Odyssey white paper: How mobile is becoming the first screen on driving brand engagement

Today in Europe, the mobile revolution is well under way, and with smartphone penetration surpassing 50 per cent it is no wonder more and more international brands are integrating mobile as a key part in their communications planning and are reaping the rewards.

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Applying rich media to a mobile ad campaign can deliver results four times more effective than standard banners. This creates an opportunity for brand marketers to use new and innovative techniques to capitalise on the high level of customer engagement mobile offers. Advances in technology, creativity, media formats and publisher content have created a perfect storm for brands to engage their customers on mobile like never before.

The main benefits of rich media include a better use experience for the customer, better results for advertisers and happier publishers with higher yield rates. These new formats in mobile achieve a higher level of engagement, increase brand value and seamless help brands meet multiple brand objectives. But what does rich media really mean? It is defined as a format of mobile advertising (banner, interstitial or video) that is a closed experience happening within a mobile application or mobile web page. When users engage with such ads, it means they are not redirected straight to the advertiser’s website, but get the full experience right where they are; they can then continue to browse after they have engaged with the ad…

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