Of all the trumped up…

The nostalgia trip is getting out of hand. First the Chopper is re-introduced, then Funny Foot ice-lollies are back in the shops, and now, it is the return of Top Trumps. But, sadly, Spangles must remain a distant memory.

The Top Trumps revival, however, has something of a twist. Leeds packaging design company Watt Design has come up with a personalised Top Trumps idea. Called “Watt Brand Heroes”, the company has sent cards out to clients with each of its staff shown as a super hero. So the likes of Asda and SMA Nutrition now know that their packaging is designed by “The Moody Mare”, “The Hunter” and “The Gas Man”.

Watt is inviting clients to put themselves forward to have their staff immortalised on plastic-coated cardboard. Any company willing to risk this should contact cliffardo@whatswatt.co.uk, but the Diary wonders who gets to choose those super monikers.



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