Ofcom launches consultation into super-fast broadband market

Ofcom, the telecoms regulator, has today (September 23) launched a consultation into the roll-out of the super-fast broadband market. It is hoped the proposals will encourage new investment and competition in the sector.

The regulator’s plans for the roll-out of super-fast broadband include flexible pricing in areas where there is “effective competition”, using the existing telecoms infrastructure to promote competition, and working with the Government and European Commission to implement the roll-out.

The next generation broadband will deliver speeds of up to 100mbs and will use fibre optic cables rather than copper wires.

Ofcom says super-fast broadband will benefit consumers by allowing different members of a household to download material while watching films in high-definition TV simultaneously. It can also deliver services such as “telemedicine”, where elderly or disabled people can be medically treated in their homes via internet video calls.

The regulator says its plan of action also includes ongoing talks with stakeholders to ensure the “timely and efficient” delivery of services. It plans to publish results of the consultation in spring next year.


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