Ofcom product placement logo unveiled

The new logo that television channels must display to inform viewers when a UK programme contains product placement has been unveiled today by Ofcom.

The new Ofcom product placement logo

Broadcasters must, by law, display the “P” logo for three seconds at the start and end of programmes and after any advertising breaks where brands feature paid-for-references.

The logo can be slightly adapted, within Ofcom guidelines, to enable use on light or dark backgrounds.

Commercial TV stations intending to broadcast programmes with product placement are soon to launch a new audience awareness campaign overseen by Ofcom, including short information slots in advertisement breaks of popular programmes.

Product placement will be allowed in UK TV programmes from 28 February in broadcasts including: TV series, sports programmes, soaps, films and entertainment shows.

However, product placement will be prohibited in all children’s, news broadcasts and in all UK-produced current affairs, consumer affairs and religious programmes.

The new legislation will also ban product placement of any tobacco, alcohol, baby milk, weapons, escort agencies, medicines and gambling brands as well as any foods or drinks high in fat, salt or sugar. Last year advertisers expressed their concerns about this “blacklist” for product placement.

Ofcom confirmed it was to allow paid-for-references on UK TV in December last year, following a 10 month-long public consultation on the detailed changes to Ofcom’s code.



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