Ofcom reviews TV ad break rules

Ofcom%20120Ofcom is proposing to “simplify” rules on how often TV ads can run during programmes and how many can be shown. It has published its proposals on the distribution and amount of TV advertising today (March 19).

The broadcast regulator is seeking views on a variety of plans including scrapping the 20 minute interval between ad breaks, removing the restrictions on ads that can be shown in particular types of shows, such as religious programmes and documentaries, and whether there is a need for stricter rules on how much advertising is allowed.
It says that it believes offering broadcasters the opportunity to schedule ads breaks at appropriate times during programmes would be “welcomed by viewers” although is stresses this will not necessarily mean that more breaks will be allowed. It is also suggesting that ad breaks could be allowed in films once every 30 minutes rather than every 45 minutes.

Ofcom says it does not have any “firm proposals” on the amount of advertising that should be shown but “recognises” the possible concerns of viewers about intrusiveness of breaks. However, it says it does take into account the “contribution made by advertising revenue” to the choice of TV services available.

It plans to introduce changes to the distribution of advertising by the start of next year with changes on the amount of advertising to be implemented a year later.


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