‘Offensive’ ad banned from Underground

London Underground has banned an advertisement for board game Articulate because it is deemed offensive.

The ad agency responsible – the Leith Agency – says it has been told the ad is not suitable because it depicts a cartoon figure in bondage with a stick of dynamite up his bottom “subjected to not inconsiderable violence”.

Leith account director Ian Butlin says: “It is a bizarre decision. It is one of a series of four ads for Articulate. Two are already running – one features a pair of legs encased in concrete boots at the bottom of the sea and the other has a man’s tongue nailed to his desk. Perhaps they don’t like bottoms.”

Butlin says the strategy is intended to illustrate the revenge players of Articulate exact on those who cheat at the game.

Claire McCool of Drumond Park Games says: “What an illogical bunch of self-appointed censors. We intend to appeal.”

Robert Maile, managing director of London Underground advertising contractor TDI, says: “It is very, very rare for London Underground to ban an ad.”


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