Oflot orders Camelot to encourage competitors to run lottery games

National Lottery regulator Oflot has ordered operator Camelot to “act reasonably” to encourage other promoters to run lottery games.

The demand comes after evidence that Camelot has tried to block other operators from running National Lottery games.

Under the National Lottery licence, operators other than Camelot can run lottery games such as scratchcards and the online draw, leaving Camelot to operate the machinery and pass money on to the National Lottery Distribution Fund.

Camelot’s online licence is up for renewal at the end of the year and the regulator is keen to be seen to encourage other promoters to come forward.

In the three years of the National Lottery, not one alternative company to Camelot has made use of the provision to run the games.

Cancer charity Tenovus planned to run National Lottery scratchcard games, but was discouraged after being told by Camelot’s communications director David Rigg that it would not make any money from the games.

Oflot director general Peter Davis fears Camelot is thwarting attempts by rivals to run the games, and has added a new condition to Camelot’s licence, requiring the operator to “act reasonably” when dealing with potential independent licensees.

A Camelot spokeswoman says it would be difficult to think how such a deal could work as it would require the sharing of commercially sensitive information.

Camelot admits it would be reluctant to share information with other parties.


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