Older marketers face age discrimination

Marketers over 50 are missing out on pay and promotion as companies favour younger employees they consider more digitally savvy.

Old marketers

Two thirds of marketers (64%) claim that there is more age discrimination in the industry now than five years ago, and even more (73%) expect it to worsen further, according to a new report by recruitment specialist EMR.

Three quarters of marketers over the age of 50 say they have encountered discrimination, while only 32% of marketers under 40 have.

Half of all marketers surveyed believe that the pace of change in technology is to blame for the increase as companies opt for the “perceived dynamism of youth over the genuine benefits of experience”.

EMR surveyed 500 marketing professionals about discrimination through pay and promotion such as lower salaries being offered to older professionals with similar experience and job offers and promotions being given to the younger of two equally qualified individuals.

Simon Bassett, managing director of EMR said “As marketing activities move increasingly into a digital space, there is misplaced belief that younger people are better able to use the new tools on offer – but that’s simply not an accurate picture.

“Technology is only another tool in building a brand, communicating messages and increasing engagement- it doesn’t require companies to throw everything they know about traditional marketing channels out the window. Marketing principles still stand true and the more experienced you are, the more aware of that truth you tend to be”.


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