Omego launches parent-controlled mobile handset for children

A mobile phone that gives parents full control over how their children talk and text is being launched this week. OmegoMobile claims to be the first handset that restricts who children can receive calls from and which Web pages they can look at.

The device, which Omego says also wards off thieves, works by allowing parents to select numbers that can call the handset and numbers that can be dialled. They can also set the times the phone can be used.

OmegoMobile owner March Ventures says statistics show that four out of five parents are worried about issues surrounding their children’s mobile phone use, such as contact from strangers and cyber-bullying.

Dr David Sheffield, reader in biological and health psychology from Staffordshire University, says: “Parents can and should be actively involved in guiding and controlling the use of their children’s phones so that children learn to use them in a healthy and safe way.”


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