Omnicom and Intel in joint TV drive

Omnicom Media Group (OMG) and computer chip giant Intel have joined forces to develop ways of advertising on the next generation of televisions connected to the internet.

The two hope the deal will help them set new industry standards for ad-supported, interactive content.

OMG and Intel are developing templates around what are known as “ten-foot experiences”, so-called because wide-screen TVs can be easily used and viewed from ten feet away.

The scheme will use AOL Video, a service launched last week in the US, which features 50 channels of movies, TV shows and music videos. It is expected to launch in the UK early next year.

OMG and Intel will work with content owners and advertisers to ensure advertising is tailored to specific programming and audiences. Viewers will be able to personalise the content they want to watch by linking it to relevant advertising.

Other companies are expected to be invited to join the scheme in an attempt to agree new industry-wide standards. It already has the backing of the Next Fund, an emerging-media group supported by OMG clients.

Kevin Corbett, vice president of Intel’s Digital Home Group, said the collaboration would accelerate ad-based, free-to-consumer content.

Other online companies are developing their own “ten-foot” TV-services, including online DVD rental firm Netflix. The bigger screens of the new models make it easier to browse through catalogues of movies using a remote control.


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