Omnicom signs digital tie-ups for consumer data access

Omnicom group, owners of DDB UK, Weapon7 and Agency Republic, has signed a series of deals with internet giants AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft to access consumer data.

Under the deals, which follow a similar deal with Google, the agency network will be able to gain direct access to the companies’ consumer data and target advertising to them based on anonymous segmentations, such as location, age and gender.

The internet giants will be able to negotiate discounts based on the volumes of data used will provide “creative ambassadors” to work with Omnicom agencies.

John Wren, CEO of Omnicom, told the Financial Times: “This is where we add value to our clients and see our sweet spot. It’s not sensible for us to be investing in technologies which may not be appropriate six, 12 or 18 months from now.

“It’s far wiser for us to come up with sensible collaborative arrangements where we share points of mutual interest with the technologists and figure out a way for us to live with each other. We don’t need to own the data to have the most intelligence. What we get is real-time access to their audiences at the moment that we need to make a buy.”



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Rosie Baker

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