On the brink of a revolution in consumer behaviour

Online retail: New trends
Online retail: New trends

As a result of the recent the VAT increase and the possibility of a double-dip recession, I agree with Richard Madden that there seems to be a revolution in consumer behaviour for 2011 (MW 6 January). As public anxiety towards spending increases, consumers are becoming more clued up to the benefits of pre-purchase research, more inspired to spend with discounts and offers, and more willing to compromise on luxury purchases.

Taking all of these behaviour traits into account, it is clear that marketers will have to work even smarter in 2011 to entice consumers to stay and spend on their websites. Companies that get to know customers/potential customers and personalise the browsing and shopping experience will come out on top.

Online marketing campaigns should be optimised in line with customer behaviour and supplemented with intelligent and relevant email campaigns to build repeat business and a loyal customer base.

Using intelligence around consumer behaviour and their changing purchasing habits, you can rapidly respond to your customers’ concerns and requirements, demonstrating an understanding of their needs with sensitivity to current spending concerns.

Juliet Hills, Brand manager, Magiq


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