On the buses – or on the bottle?

The Diary fears for the sanity of the employees of outdoor owner TDI. More specifically, the sobriety of the particular employees responsible for dreaming up an idea for the company’s 2001 promotional calendar.

Workers can get just a little too close to their business – and at TDI, it seems, they are closer than is strictly decent.

The calendar’s called “Big Bouncing Bus Beauties”, and some sick and twisted types at TDI have seen fit to have it feature London Routemasters in 12 cheeky poses.

Reclining on leopard skin rugs, beds and in candlelit baths; frolicking under waterfalls, in cornfields and on beaches and dressed in nowt but a pink feather boa and fluffy mules, these risqué shots are sure to fire up many a bus-spotter.

TDI has a renowned no-drinking-during-working-hours policy, but to allow their true feelings towards buses to flood out in this very public manner, somebody must have been on the shandies.


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