ONdigital ought to address error

ONdigital chief executive Stuart Prebble’s objective of achieving a leading position in the pay-TV market “even if we were incompetent” may be questioned even now (MW July 13). The photograph of ONdigital’s TV e-mail shows that even spelling “address” correctly is beyond it.

Perhaps Prebble should consult more Web-heads before trying to convince us all to ditch our personal computers.

John Elcock

Managing director

Aquarium Web Design



Dark days for the black stuff?

Marketing Week

It has never happened before, and it may never happen again. The merger of a spirits business with a brewer to create one marketing organisation has previously seemed as unlikely as sticking household cleaners together with financial services. Yet Diageo has announced it is to smash its two core marketing divisions – the UDV spirits […]

Cadbury’s Crunchie bar given a marketing boost

Marketing Week

Chocolate manufacturer Cadbury Trebor Bassett is launching a £1.6m national TV advertising campaign for Crunchie. The 30-second ad through Euro RSCG Wnek Gosper will feature comedian Marcus Brigstocke. It is the first execution in five years, and the first to feature non-animated characters. The ad will air on ITV, Channel 4 and satellite channels over […]

Lego chief leaves after strategy row

Marketing Week

Lego Europe North managing director Gordon Carpenter has suddenly left the company’s headquarters in Slough. His departure is understood to have followed a disagreement with Danish bosses over the toy manufacturer’s marketing strategy. Carpenter, who joined the company in 1989, was understood to be unhappy with decisions made by his superiors at Lego’s global head […]


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