One brand to extend ethical product range

The One brand, part of Global Ethics, is planning to extend its range of ethical products with two new launches in September, says its marketing and brand chief Ashley Stockwell.


Speaking at Marketing Week Live! in London today (30 June) Stockwell (pictured), who is the former marketing boss of Virgin, revealed that it would add to its range of One branded products later this year.

It currently sells water, eggs and toilet rolls under the One brand and all profits go towards developing water and sanitation projects in the developing world.

He went on to outline the product development strategy that the organisation operates, and says it chooses product categories based on whether there is a need in the developing world that it can help with, such as clean water, sanitation or nutrition.

The One brand also looks to everyday essential products, such as toilet roll and eggs, where it can provide something different in the market that gives the consumer an ethical choice with the same quality as market leading brands.

He added that while the organisation is an ethical one, it does not want to be perceived as a not-for-profit charity brand.

“We don’t want to position ourselves as a worthy charity brand and pluck heartstrings. We are not a straightforward charity, we’re like any other commercial brand out there and we’re all about building a brand,” he says.

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