One in ten Brits fail to donate after taking part in charity challenges

New research finds that 11% of Brits are failing to donate after taking part in media-based charity challenges such as the ALS Ice Bucket and No Make Up challenges.

Londoners are the worst offenders, with nearly a quarter (23%), admitting to doing a challenge and not actually donating. Scots, meanwhile, are the most charitable, with only 1% admitting to not donating, according to the study.

Whether participants within the study, which was conducted by charitable price comparison site Give As You Live from a sample size of 1,198 people, answered honestly is up for debate.

Just last year, 53% of Brits polled by VouceCodesPRo admitted they didn’t actually donate to the ALS charity at all after taking part in its ice bucket challenge. To date, the campaign, which has featured George W Bush and Bill Gates pouring freezing cold water over their heads, has generated over $100m.

There is a growing trend of social-media bragging over actual donations, according to Steff Lewis, head of consumer insights at Give as you Live.

Speaking to Marketing Week last year, Mark Bishop, director of fundraising at Prostate Cancer UK, which itself has benefitted from the Movember campaign, admitted that charities do face a challenge getting participants of viral challenges to actually donate.

“The trick is to make sure people know why they are doing a challenge for you and understanding what the charitable cause is or you’ll find people do the stunt because it’s fun but forget about the charity 10 seconds later,” he said.










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