One smalls step on the long march

Marketers are often advised to keep their briefs exactly that – brief. However, Bolton creative design and marketing agency Portfolio seems to have decided that such advice is, well, pants.

To welcome Make Poverty History marchers to Bolton, where they’d walked from Birmingham, the agency unfurled a huge pair of Y-fronts with “Poverty is Pants” emblazoned upon them.

Portfolio creative director Darren Clare subtly quipped: “We have a good track record of pro bono work, and when asked to work on this project, we were really keen to say ‘Pants to Poverty’.” But not as keen as he was to say “Poverty is Pants”, presumably.

The Diary applauds such worthy work, but is more impressed with whichever Portfolio staffer was brave enough to raid John Prescott’s washing line and steal the canvas for this masterpiece.


Internet voucher scam is easy to eradicate

Marketing Week

I read with interest your article on the voucher problem. I had seen this from a feed from an IT website, and as a result of the moneysavingexpert website and forum where these vouchers have been traded in the past. This is a classic case, if one were needed, of where the direct marketing industry […]


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