One thousand tasty ways to liven up your life with Heinz Ketchup

It’s a well-known fact that many Americans have a rose-tinted view of life in Merrie England. But it is surprising when those views extend to an annual report from a global food company such as HJ Heinz.

In its 1999 annual report, Heinz illustrates the ways in which consumers around the world eat tomato ketchup. The Swedes pour it on pasta, the Americans combine it with cottage cheese and the Thais use it as a dip for crisps.

The Brits are portrayed as eating fish and chips topped with ketchup. Nothing strange there. But the illustration show the British supper wrapped in a crisp pink copy of the Financial Times. How quaint!

More proof that too much ketchup affects your brain is illustrated elsewhere in the report, with a photograph of president of Heinz US Foodservice Jeff Berger lying naked in the bath with a few sachets of ketchup covering his essentials. Heinz doesn’t elaborate on how Berger gets his ketchup kicks.


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