One-to-one conversation is key to a consumer’s heart

Brand love seems to be on the wane. A study carried out by Targetbase Claydon Heeley unveiled that while the top 10 leading brands score highly on value, none scored higher than 30% for love. The brands in the study include British institutions such as Marks & Spencer and the Post Office. Apparently these brands just aren’t engaging with their customers.

Jo Roberts

On the face of it, this seems surprising given that Marks & Spencer was given a value score of 72%. Why then was it only given a love score of 28.5%?

Apparently brands aren’t engaging in enough one-to-one communication with their consumers. Steve Grout, chief executive of TBCH sheds some light on this anomaly.

“Despite solid efforts to connect with customers and show engagement using systems such as CRM, these brands are failing to generate support from their customers, who are their lifeblood. It’s shocking really; engagement is a part of everyday life, but so many brands including these ten are failing to find the essential methods of getting customers to reciprocate these relationships.” Marketing Week subscribers can read more about this research, and how to manager CRM by clicking here.

Nurturing a special relationship with the influencer of any household is something that is the focus of much discussion in a new study by Forrester Research, which finds that mums are a valuable target for marketers.

Siobhan Freegard, co-founder of and mum of three, has some good advice when it comes to targeting mums. She pleas for marketers to do their research to ensure the messaging are relevant. “Please don’t be tempted to patronise us with fluffy nursery-rhyme adverts. If you want to impress us, remember that as well as being mums, we are grown up intelligent women.”

In other market research news this week, the YouGov BrandIndex reveals the Royal Mail strikes have received resounding thumbs down, with its buzz score of -14 down from a positive 17 six months ago.

To end on a slightly more positive note, voters on this week’s Marketing Week poll approve of the appointment of Chris Evans to front BBC radio’s flagship show, replacing Sir terry Wogan.


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