One2One shows its Charing side

To prove it is capable of more onerous tasks than organising Zoe Ball’s social life, mobile network One2One has managed to secure co-operation of London’s Charing Cross Hospital for its latest ad.

But eagle-eyed viewers of the company’s new, deeply earnest black-and-white TV ad might notice something slightly odd.

As the camera pans slowly around the hospital’s intensive care ward – and the One2One jingle emerges plaintively from a heart monitoring machine – there is not a mobile phone in sight.

That’s because, in common with most UK hospitals, Charing Cross has banned the use of mobiles on its premises – because they interfere with heart monitoring equipment.

Conscious of this fact, the forever caring Charing Cross hospital actually insisted that the One2One ad would not show any mobile phone on its premises.

But a hospital spokesman nervously assures The Diary: “We do have a contract with One2One for use off-site. Midwives use the service and doctors who are on call.”

The hospital has yet to decide how to spend the &£20,000 it received for the use of its name. By the sound of things, it is unlikely to need the cash to pay off its mobile phone bill.


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