Online ads are not the only alternative to TV

The much reported news that TV advertising spend has seen a dramatic slump during the “upfronts” week in the US comes as no surprise as advertisers continue to rethink their strategy in light of increasing media fragmentation.

We see this trend being echoed in the UK. The increased take up of personal video recorders, such as TIVO, has brought about an evolution in TV viewing habits, and an ever more disjointed audience. Last month’s reports that ITV experienced a 20% drop in impact among the 16-24 age bracket spell out the fact that TV is no longer performing as the big-brand medium it once was.

Much has been made of advertisers turning to the internet as an alternative medium, yet other new media such as in-game advertising are also starting to encroach upon TV budgets. With in-game advertising networks soon set to achieve the same reach as a mid-sized TV network, such innovative media not only allow advertisers to measure effectiveness, but also enable them to hit the lucrative 18-34 age bracket.

As advertisers continue to have second thoughts about TV, the time has come to look at the full range of alternatives, rather than blindly leaping onto the internet bandwagon.

Justin Townsend

Chief executive officer

IGA Worldwide

London EC1


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