Online advertisers fear $300 billion hit from privacy challenge

A recent complaint filed by privacy groups in the US could have a dramatic effect on internet advertising. According to the latest Rubicon Project report on Q2 activity, the president and CEO of the IAB, Randall Rothenberg, has warned that $300 billion in economic activity and 3.1 million jobs are “at risk”.

Other concerns dominate in the short term, the Rubicon Project notes. “The market currently lacks rules around transactions between publishers, demand partners and their advertisers. This lack of clarity around the rules of engagement has led to price erosion, data leakage and channel conflict within the market,” said COO Craig Roah.


The value of DM goes beyond the bottom line

Marketing Week

According to the findings of the DMA’s inaugural Value of DM report, the direct marketing industry now generates £205 billion of sales in the UK every year. This is an incredible sum, but the sensational numbers only convey the financial value of the industry – they do little to convey the actual value of DM to the people who buy the products and earn their living from the profession.


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