Online auction data released for direct mail targeting

eBay has licenced data on 140 million UK transactions to Royal Mail to support targeting at postcode level by propensity to buy. The eBay market data provides anonymous, aggregated information on purchase history, products bought and levels of spend through the Royal Mail Insight Tool, developed with Advanced Ecommerce Research Systems.

The goal of the data initiative is to support better targeting of direct mail campaigns by providing an indicating of propensity to buy and product or brand preferences. The data will be updated monthly and can be segmented by a wide range of demographic and categoric selections, as well as the Cameo classification.

Antony Miller, head of media development at Royal Mail, says: “This new planning and insight tool marks significant progress for Royal Mail’s evolution into a true media owner, providing unparalleled access and insight to specific audience demographics.”

He adds: “By providing access to eBay market data, the Royal Mail Insight Tool gives advertisers and planners unprecedented levels of nationwide insight into purchase patterns, levels of spend and purchase type down to postcode level. This kind of insight is invaluable to brands, helping them to boost their campaign return on investment by improving planning and reducing wastage through better targeting.”  


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