Online debut for phase two of Sony Bravia TV campaign

Sony is planning to launch the second wave of its Sony Bravia television advertising online a week ahead of it breaking on TV.

The move is part of the company’s biggest digital campaign.

The online launch follows the success of last year’s “Balls” campaign among the digital community. Sony hopes the move will “encourage genuine interest” by offering content for online community sites such and bloggers. The content will include podcasts, video diaries and interviews about the making of the new execution, which uses paint to reinforce the colour quality message used in the “Balls” ad.

The digital work has been handled by Tonic and Fallon has developed the new execution.

David Patton, Sony senior vice-president of marketing communications, says the campaign aims to “provide quality entertainments assets not push content down people’s throats.” He says using the content has to be more than just putting traditional media on the internet and says Sony “really relishes the creativity” digital offers.

Patton confirms the digital campaign is the catalyst for the communications strategy but it would also include press, outdoor, in-store and below-the-line work.

Sony wants to develop a range of brands such as Walkman, HandyCam and CyberShot as well as Bravia as digital entertainment products that can engage customers.


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