Online measurement system draws on panel of 35,000

UKOM has unveiled greater detail about the online audience planning currency it has developed with The Nielsen Company.

Ian Armstrong
Ian Armstrong

UKOM’s audience planning system has been devised to help encourage brand owners to shift more of their display spend online. At present display only accounts for 5% of total online ad spend.

Overall brand advertising spend offline and online is estimated at £3.7 billion.

At a presentation yesterday (15 October) UKOM said that the audience planning system will draw on a panel of at least 31,000 consumers at home augmented by 4,000 in the workplace.

It will supply online audience data down to sites as small as 35,000 unique visitors and report page views and time spent as key metrics.

The sample will be using National Readership Survey data as the bedrock of its key demographics.

The system will be sophisticated enough to report on the actual window being viewed and its associated ad content on a screen to ensure it is a valid impression, as opposed to open windows that have been overlaid.

Extra biographical data not currently served up by NetView will include details such as social grade, chief income earner, main shopper and new car buyer.

Ian Armstrong (pictured), manager for customer communications at Honda, said: “This is a real, genuine milestone for the industry, it will help us in many ways throughout our organisation.”

The research will not be able to monitor online activity from mobiles or Apple devices. UKOM intends to introduce reporting of video viewing activity around the middle of next year with “passive” reporting of audiences watching video as standard.

Media owners wanting more data, for instance on a particular TV show, will be able to do so by tagging their inventory.

UKOM’s system plans to be the plug-in online currency for the IPA touchpoints planning tool. The company itself is a partnership with The Nielsen Company, which has the proprietary rights over the software and will be selling the data and system to agencies and clients.

UKOM appointed former chief executive of the Radio Advertising Bureau Douglas McArthur as chairman earlier this week.


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