Online retailers have a huge advantage

I read with interest the article “E-tail can provide an antidote to slow growth on the high street” (MW February 16) and was particularly interested by the findings from the Verdict research. With the huge surge in internet shopping showing no signs of abating, understanding the customer is increasingly important for determining how online consumer habits compare to those in other channels.

Online retailers have the opportunity to build the most complete picture of a customer ever. High street retailers are simply not able to compete on this level. A high street retailer has no way of telling where a customer shopped last. E-tailers have a large advantage over their high street counterparts when it comes to knowing customers and what can be done to tailor their shopping experience.

As the number of e-payments recently eclipsed the number of cheques for the first time, online retailers must understand how consumers shop on the Web to gain accurate insight into their purchasing behaviour. With a multi-channel view of customers, retailers can generate customer intelligence that will ensure the continued growth of the market.

Nick Sharp

Vice-president EMEA




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