Open Soho wins stem cell ad work

Smart Cells, the stem cell storage company, has app-ointed Open Soho to handle its advertising account. The agency is working on a controversial campaign featuring a baby in its mother’s womb talking to the camera.

The TV, poster, press and ambient campaign breaks next month and will aim to convince people about the benefits of storing stem cells.

The TV ad will be aired on the Baby Channel, which runs on Sky and Virgin TV. In the ad, the baby says/ “The day I’m born, there’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to take my stem cells from the cord that connects me to mummy”.

The campaign adds that stem cells can also be used to help fight and recover from the treatment of life-threatening diseases or conditions.

Smart Cell’s marketing push follows a Virgin Health Bank campaign (MW March 8). Virgin’s campaign, created by Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R, focused on the benefit of storing stem cells for family use, and donating them to other people.

It is understood that Virgin Health Bank is the first company to offer a service that will store 20% of cells for private storage and 80% for public use.

Smart Cells stores ext-racted stem cells, which it claims can be used for treating life-threatening illnesses later in life. While the procedure is simple, low-cost and quick, take-up has been slow.


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