Opportunities knock with PoP

It is fascinating that in one issue (MW September 19) you encompass both the biggest problem, and the greatest missed opportunity in fmcg (packaged goods) marketing.

The articles “Not All Brands Bite” and “Missing the point?” both cite the impossibility of judging return from spend in two entirely different areas.

“Not All Brands Bite” ended on an upbeat note, stating that the companies cited were part of a “dwindling band” not using advertising. While “Missing the point?” concluded that “in the area of shrinking budgets”, PoP material is being “scrutinised ever more closely”. The implication being that this scrutiny would lead to reduced spend.

We collect, validate, integrate and deliver online, information from a number of “field sales” companies, and turn their information into fully useable “field marketing”. Using this, we work with companies analysing and delivering in-store solutions. Looking at PoP and its close neighbour, availability. And to pick one of many instances, one particular type of PoP delivered a ten-fold increase in sales. Although, as the article did point out, this was heavily diluted by the poor compliance on the part of managers.

However, if Marketing Week readers chose to alter their sights to include store managers, and stores as a market, as we do, then they would be able to see, as we are, 97 per cent compliance.

It is only now, with Point-of-Purchase Advertising International (POPAI) initiatives that PoP producers and users are gaining a voice to match that of the above-the-line big guns. And not before time.

Colin Harper

Managing director

Storecheck Marketing

Slough, Berks


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