OPX white paper: corporate communications go mobile

The digital world isn’t changing. It’s already changed. Google gave the desktop three years to live in 2010, predicting smartphones and tablets would replace it. Bang on target, IDC reports that ‘in the fourth quarter of this year, more tablets will be shipped than desktop and laptop computers combined’.

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While the desktop may not be dead, it’s no longer the means by which huge numbers of people are accessing digital content.

A recent survey — from the Pew Internet and American Life Project — confirmed that about a quarter of smartphone users now depend on their phones for most of their internet access rather than waiting to use a ‘conventional’ computer at home or the office. This trend is only going one way, with twice as many under-30s dependent on their smartphones for internet access than those who are 30 and above…

Click on the link above to download the full white paper.


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