Orange investigated over misleading marketing

Everything Everywhere’s Orange network is being investigated by the telecoms watchdog following customer complaints that it uses misleading marketing and sales practices.


Ofcom is investigating Orange’s general sales and marketing techniques and could include a look at the mobile network’s call centres and in-store point of sale communications.

The investigation will look into whether the Everything Everywhere owned network has complied with its obligations under Ofcom’s rules.

Dishonest and misleading conduct can include misleading information around tariffs, incorrect product or service information or misleading claims about free or discounted services which are promised, but actually only available as temporary offers.

If it finds Orange has failed to comply with regulations and mis-led consumers into buying its services, Ofcom can impose a sanction or fine on the network.

An Ofcom investigation differs from an ASA investigation because it looks at the mobile network’s general practice and how it talks to customers, while the ASA looks at specific advertising campaigns.

An Orange spokeswoman says: “We will be co-operating thoroughly with Ofcom’s investigation into customer complaints of mis-selling against the Orange mobile business.

“The specific complaints raised are already being thoroughly investigated by the company’s new leadership team who will take swift and appropriate action to ensure we, and the sales partners working our behalf, maintain the best standards and practices for all our customers.”



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