Orange says UK mobile users prefer browsers to apps

UK mobile users are more likely to access content on their mobiles through a browser, rather than a mobile app.

Research by Orange and TNS shows that 70% of UK consumers prefer browsers to apps, and women are more likely to use a mobile browser than men.

The Orange Mobile Exposure 2010 report comes as Orange launches its new campaign planning tool for advertisers, the Mobile Targeting Monitor (OMTM).

The product, from Orange Advertising Network, uses data from Orange’s research across a range of industry sectors, offering marketeers analysis and campaign insights on mobile media usage, purchasing and social behaviour, preferred mobile media formats and mobile opportunities.

Paul Francois Fournier, executive vice president of online and advertising business, says: “Brands and media companies have a clear opportunity to use mobile to further engage with consumers as part of a holistic media mix, whether it is a capturing conversation around a TV show or a retail brand integrating the mobile and online shopping experience with location-based capabilities,”

The research, which interviewed 2,000 mobile media users in the UK, France, Spain and Poland, showed browser usage is most prominent in the UK, with 7 out of 10 mobile media users choosing to find information and content in this way, instead of using mobile apps.



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