Orange unveils DM push to target taxi firms

Orange has unveiled a direct marketing campaign targeting taxi firms, by communicating the benefits of its network in the shape of a bottle of motor oil.

Orange campaign

The campaign, which has been created by Chemistry, aims to bring to life the message that Orange and the HTC Touch smartphone can help taxi companies improve the performance and efficiency of their cab operations by using more effective despatch, navigation and communications technology.

The creative runs with the line ’Give your business a bit of brrm brrm’ across the front of the pack. Inside, copy explains why the combination of Orange’s 3D network and the HTC Touch 3G Smartphone is suited to managing taxi despatch., including its user friendly touchscreen and built-in GPS. A promotional offer of a 30% discount for those companies that sign up before June 30 is inclued.

Malcolm Cotton, managing partner at Chemistry says: “Minicab firms that take up this offer from Orange will get to customers faster, get them to their destination quicker and, as a result, pick up more business without increasing the number of drivers they employ.

“In the same way that oil improves the performance of a car, Orange can improve the efficiency of a minicab firm’s business, which is critical to their survival in a highly competitive market and at a time when people have significantly cut back on using cabs”


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