Orangina looks to ‘bring the love back’ with £4m campaign to premiumise brand

Orangina is launching a £4m multichannel campaign targeting millennials in an effort to premiumise the brand in the UK and ‘shake up’ the soft drinks category.

The “Life is Flat, Unless You Shake It” campaign will kick off with out of home advertising on 10 August followed by VOD, social, digital, on premise and in-store activity, as well as a cinema ad playing up the brand’s European heritage.

Along with new creative and the tagline “Your nose tells you it tastes sparkly”, it will also promote new positioning, visual identity, packaging and a new consumer target. Orangina is hoping to reach ‘Open Socials’, 22 to 30 year olds who are “willing to pay for quality” and are “looking for new experiences”.

Jamie Nascimento, Orangina’s marketing manager at Lucozade Ribena Suntory, told Marketing Week that historically the brand has been available in a number of formats that weren’t delivering on the premium positioning.

“We’re taking insights we have from consumers which showed that people have great memories of the brand,” Nascimento said.

Research commissioned by Orangina showed that 80% of consumers were aware of the brand and could remember “the assets it comes with”, such as its “bulby” bottle and its “shake ritual” to mix up the product’s pulp and juice.

“We’re taking the shake ritual from a physical action to a more emotional territory,” he said. “We’re positioning the brand around the experiences that make things more interesting and different.”

The brand will also launch an experiential event on a London rooftop over the August bank holiday weekend in an effort to attract its millennial audience.

“It’s important to have an actual experience to see it and be shown it,” Nascimento said, adding that the brand will bring the event and the entire campaign to life on social and digital since it knows “these people are using social content”.

This is the first marketing push for the brand since its sales, distribution and marketing were taken over by Lucozade Ribena Suntory last year, a company that was formed after Suntory bought Lucozade and Ribena in 2013.

It is currently worth £4.6m in the UK according to Nielsen data cited by the brand.

The company hopes the campaign will bring it to the front of a new sector in the soft drinks category which it calls “Special Any Day”, where consumers are looking for a treat and are “willing to trade up for more premium products”.

“There’s growth from customers looking to premiumise their mainstream soft drink offering and there’s an opportunity to explode that area,” Nascimento said.

He added that the category is currently worth £79m and is growing at 21.8% according to Nielsen data, while a recent Mintel study showed that 42% of adults regard premium soft drink consumption as a “treat”.

The brand is also promoting its no added sugar Light variant in an effort to bring more choice to the market.

“We want to shake up the soft drinks category,” Nascimento concluded.



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