Organix appoint TMW to handle below-the-line activity

Organic baby food company, Organix, has appointed Tullo Marshall Warren as its lead strategic and digital agency to market its growing range of baby and toddler foods effectively to prospective mums.


The company hopes to replicate their current dominance of the toddler snack market (91% share of snacks and 45% share of total toddler) across the broader organic baby food market.

TMW, part of the Creston group of companies, is developing an integrated strategy to engage mums with the brand, introducing them to their extensive new range of baby foods and educating them on the importance of baby nutrition.

The agency’s brief involves defining a core brand proposition that will form a core part of new campaign activity planned for later this year. Campaign activity is likely to span direct and digital marketing, social media, data, strategy and CRM.

A vital part of the strategy will see Organix enabling mum-to-mum communication, allowing mums to access important advice and information which will allow them to make more-informed decisions about their nutritional choices for baby.

Crispin Stephens, marketing manager at Organix, says: “We are delighted to be working with TMW as they demonstrated to us from day one that they were able to fully get under the skin of the brand and displayed a shared passion for our brand, foods and philosophy.”



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