Orlov quits Volvo after sales merger

Volvo director of marketing Alexei Orlov has left the company following a restructure, which has seen the marketing role merged with sales.

Orlov had been with Volvo since 1992 and has left without a job to go to. The new position of sales and marketing director is taken by Gerry Keaney, formerly director of sales and dealer operations.

Volvo UK denies the marketing role has been diminished and says the changes are intended to allow the company to focus more closely on its business.

The changes were precipitated by the failure of Volvo UK’s Swedish parent company Volvo Car Corporation to merge with Renault last year. After the merger plans had been aborted, Volvo sent round a document called The Challenge to its offices worldwide asking for suggestions on how the company should work without a partner. The UK reorganisation is one result.

The company has created a marketing team of 12 to advise its 230 dealers. Half of these posts have been filled and

Volvo is still recruiting for the remainder.

Volvo is also looking for two middle-management marketers, including one to take on the role of retail marketing manager.


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