Our cup runneth over for Wolford

Before you start, the answer is “no”. This story does not exist merely as an excuse for the Diary to print a picture of a half-naked lady. It exists because lingerie company Wolford sent the Diary lots of pictures of half-naked ladies, on a CD-ROM that was wearing a (slightly laddered) stocking.

The company wishes to tell anyone who can drag their eyes away from the pictures about its latest range of tights and underwear, Individual Nature.

The range is rich in unnamed “natural fibres” (rather like Weetabix?) and includes a “control dress”, which sounds like something worn in a Channel 4 documentary.

This is all very well, and it’s got them a mention in this column, but the Diary can’t help thinking Wolford would have generated more column inches if it had sent the models, not the CD, to the office in tights.


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