Over 50s dismiss Government green "scaremongering"

The over 50s are cynical about the Government and brands jumping on the eco-friendly bandwagon, according to a new report. It has also found that they believe that concerns about the environment are “disproportionate and scaremongering”.

The research, carried out by agency Millenium, found that 84% of respondents believe the Government is capitalising on current concerns so it can implement further “green taxes”.

Fiona Hought, managing director at Millenium, which specialises in marketing to the over 50s market, says: “Our research clearly shows the diversity of opinion among the over 50s with regards to the environment, but also the overriding sense of cynicism with which they approach those attempting to jump on the ‘eco-friendly’ bandwagon”.

She warns that marketers need to take care that their campaigns are not dismissed as “cashing-in” by mature consumers.

The research polled 700 men and woman over the age of 50 on environmental issues.


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