Oxfam develops global brand identity

Oxfam is preparing to roll out a single global brand identity across its 14 affiliates to create a consistent brand personality and strengthen campaigning.


Each of the 14 organisations has its own branding and identity, but Oxfam wants to develop a “consistent personality” that resonates in each local market.

Plans are still being developed but one of the aims will be to communicate that the charity has a “visionary” policy that works towards a better future.

Oxfam says the move will strengthen its global campaigning efforts by creating a personality and proposition that works on a global scale.

The global identity, due to roll out in the summer, will lead to more centralised global campaigns with individual elements for local markets.

Oxfam’s fundraising and supporter marketing director Cathy Ferrier is leading the global identity project. She says: “We want the brand to be stronger and more consistent across all 14 affiliates so we’re trying to find things that work well across markets.”

The charity is launching a global Food Justice campaign in May, which will be the first initiative following the implementation of the global identity project.

Ferrier adds: “The whole purpose of this is that the campaign will look the same wherever you go and therefore get more cut-through. We’re trying to build a strong look and feel that holds the whole project together.”

Oxfam has also partnered with online payment company PayPal to launch 100% Giving, an initiative that aims to encourage donations by reassuring people the charity will receive all the funds.



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