Paddy Power seeds banned ad online

Bookmaker Paddy Power has launched a viral ad campaign after the script was banned from airing on TV.

Paddy Power
Paddy Power

The ad promotes the bookmaker’s Money-Back special bets, in which people can have their bets returned to them even if they don’t win, by showing characters in situations that they wish they could turn back time on.

The ad, which was rejected by Clearcast, a body which clears scripts against CAP code rules, depicts four wheelchair-bound people doing a runner on their bill at a curry house.

The ad was also intended to promote rugby-based charity Hearts & Balls, which helps players who have suffered serious injuries, with one actor wearing a charity-branded rugby shirt.

Paddy Power spokesman Adam Perrin said, “As a brand Paddy Power looks to display a fun and irreverent look on life and those ’ground open up and swallow me’ moments we’ve all experienced are certainly such occasions. While we can’t help to take back situations in life you wish had never happened, we can offer to help ease the pain at other times like refunding certain losing bets. It’s a shame that Hearts & Balls, a really worthwhile cause, won’t get the extra profile it deserves.”

The creative for the ad was by Big Al’s Creative Emporium with online seeding and PR handled by Rubber Republic.

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