Paddy Power spoofs goal-line technology

Paddy Power is courting controversy yet again with its latest YouTube advertising campaign in which it pledges to ‘fit’ all the ‘hot’ women in Poland and Ukraine with goal-line technology to improve the England team’s chances of victory at next month’s Euro 2012.

The tongue-in-cheek advert reassures viewers that should any “sex starved” England player cross the line during the tournament an email will be sent to the national team’s newly appointed manager Roy Hodgson.

It is the latest in a string of controversial adverts from Paddy Power, which has taken aim at ‘chavs’ and blind footballers in previous videos.

In February, both Channel 4 and BSkyB pulled an ad from the company that asked viewers to which one of the several women featured were “transgendered” after hundreds of complaints.

The ad, which is being seeded by online video platform Unruly Media, currently has 44,207 views on YouTube.