Page & Moy migrates database and marketing tools

Page & Moy Travel Group is creating a new marketing database and implementing campaign management software across its Travelsphere, Page & Moy and Just You brands. SmartFocus is providing the marketing solution with the goal of increasing customer insight and better marketing performance for the company.

Nathan Philpot, group sales and marketing director for Page & Moy Travel Group, said: “We needed a sophisticated turnkey solution that could offer us features and flexibility while lowering the total cost of ownership. SmartFocus ticked all of those boxes and more, with a dedicated client services team that understands our project drivers, best practices and the need for tangible results to move our business forward. The combination of the offering and client services means we don’t need to use expensive consultants anymore – our marketing and database teams will be self-sufficient.”

“We needed a clean break from our complex legacy system and its ongoing time and financial costs. Now SmartFocus will free our time and expertise and allow us to reap all the benefits of a truly multi-channel business, including increased customer insight across all channels, higher response rates and the ability to fine-tune and maximise the impact of all our campaigns. It will also allow our marketing database team to focus on customer insight and to use its expertise on analytics and enhancing our campaigns, not wrestling with unwieldy data tables,” he added.


Last day to secure your card data

David Reed

Today is deadline day if your business handles credit card payments – last chance to get compliant with the data security standards imposed by the payment card industry.


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