Pampers launches ‘Little Athletes’ campaign

Pampers is launching a limited edition Union Jack range of nappies as part of its ‘Little Athletes’ brand campaign.

Pampers Paula Radcliff

Procter & Gamble says the brand campaign, fronted by its Olympic brand ambassador Paula Radcliffe has been designed to help mums celebrate the playtime achievements of their own “little athletes”.

It is part of the FMCG firm’s over-arching ‘Thank You, Mum’ Olympic campaign.

P&G says that because babies move eight times more than adults do to travel the same distance, their effort rivals that of Olympic athletes.

The campaign includes a series of online videos, featuring Paula Radcliffe and her son, Raphael, that aim to give parents tips and advice on how to encourage their babies to play.

The Union Jack design packs of Pampers Active Fit nappies are available in store from this month.

Radcliffe is one of a number of Team GB athletes that P&G has signed up as ambassadors for its brands ahead of the Games this summer.


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