Pampers to launch first brand campaign in 10 years

Procter & Gamble is adopting user-generated content in the first brand campaign for its Pampers brand in 10 years.

Pampers has compiled 15 clips from YouTube from a pool of thousands and edited them to create a stream of “real” moments parents and families will recognise and relate to.

The brand aims to bring to life its “philosophy” that there are many ways to raise a baby and none of them is right or wrong as long as every baby has “love, sleep and play”.
Pampers chose to use user-generated clips uploaded by partners to capture “genuine sentiment and emotion”

The Love, Sleep and Play campaign launches in Europe this month.

Mathilde Delhoume, global integrated communications director for the Pampers brand, says: “There are a million ways to raise a baby and fundamentally parents know what’s best for their child. And Pampers is here to offer a little help every step of the way. Because babies are the focus of everything Pampers does, what better way to launch our Love, Sleep & Play campaign than by showcasing real babies?  Since we’ve always spearheaded product and marketing innovations, it’s great to see Pampers driving advertising firsts too”.
P&G is currently restructuring from two into four global business units. Martin Riant will take on the newly created role of group president of the new global baby, feminine and family care brands division in which Pampers sits.