Papa John’s to launch interactive game

Fast food chain Papa John’s Pizza is launching an online game, which will also be accessible through an iPhone app.

Papa John’s

The game will enable customers to make their own Papa John’s Pizza in a virtual kitchen called Papa’s Pizzeria. They can then place an order interactively. Publisher X2 Games has developed it.

Gamers will walk through Papa John’s Pizza UK new web portal ‘Papa’s Lounge’ and will be able to go into the Pizzeria, where they can develop Papa John’s branded pizzas using ingredients that exactly match the Papa John’s experience.

Users will then be able to order pizzas directly via an in-game link to Papa John’s iPhone centric ordering system.

Papa John’s will promote ‘Papa’s Pizzeria’ through a wide variety of activities including on-menu branding, direct mail and sponsorships.

Andrew Gallagher, Papa John’s national marketing manager, says: “This partnership means we can take our core messages, such as 100% fresh dough and ‘Better Ingredients. Better Pizza’ out to a tech-savvy audience via very specific in-game branding. The iPhone platform is established and is growing so we feel that being able to work with X2 Games, a proven expert in this field, will benefit our business”



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