Paper-based vouchers are still dominant

No less than 85% of the £4bn a year UK gift card and voucher market is represented by paper-based vouchers and gift cards. In fact, 2011 saw a growth in the number of paper-based vouchers purchased, which likely reflects the wider economy as businesses incorporate employee incentive and engagement schemes, and reward staff with gift cards and vouchers.

Yes, the gift card and gift voucher market will move further into the virtual and digital space, but this move is not one that can take place overnight and there are many considerations to be made and measures to be put in place.

While digital and mobile are the way forward, it’s essential that we don’t overlook the power of paper based vouchers and gift cards.

There’s a high number of people who like the touch and feel of paper currency and the benefits of knowing exactly how much they have to spend. In addition, they are both extremely good for instant rewards and enable something physical to be given.

David Pearson, director, Filmology


Social media is opportunity to interact with customers

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